• Voice Over on Mail Service
    Voice Over on Mail Service

    We record your script with best VO Artists and deliver it to your mail id or FTP.

  • Indian and Foreign Languages Voice Over
    Indian and Foreign Languages Voice Over

    A library of hundreds of Indian & Foreign Language voice over talent for any language voice over project!

Online Voice Over Service

Are you seeking an ideal place to get quality Voice Over and Dubbing services? Among various companies,

VoiceMonk Recording Studio is one of the most trusted names. We are located in India’s Capital Delhi. We specialize in offering high-quality services in Voice Over, Dubbing, Translation and Transcription. We are one stop solution for all your Voice Over and Dubbing needs. Our main aim is to provide solutions at the best rates and lightning fast speed.

VoiceMonk Recording Studio is the Leading Studio for Online Recording, Mixing & Mastering. You can easily and securely order unattended audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering with our online service knowing that your projects are in safe experienced hands.

Since 2006 we are proud to have helped many VO Artists, Producers and Companies achieve the very best possible results for their audio. Providing all of our Recording, Mixing and Mastering via the Web means we can keep our overheads low and pass on the savings directly to you, which is then reflected in all our prices. We have best VO Artists in all Indian and Foreign languages.

If you would like to find out more our friendly team are available by Phone. So get in touch and find out why we have become the leading studio service for Mixing and Mastering and take your sound to the next level.

E-Learning Voice Over

Content is king when it comes to interactive e-learning courses. e-learning often has an audio element that requires the need for a voice talent.

VoiceMonk Recording Studio is one stop solution for all your voice over needs.

VoiceMonk Recording Studio specializes in Voice Over talents that understand the difference between just reading a script and really communicating the information e-learners need to comprehend and retain.

No matter how big or small the part or how many voices you need, VoiceMonk Recording Studio has an exclusive roster of experienced, professional E-Learning voice-over professionals who can do the job efficiently and economically.


Our Voice Over Recording services includes Voicing Radio and Television Commercials, Corporate Narrations, Tutorials, Audio Books and E-Learning content in English, Hindi and other Indian and Foreign Languages.

We will deliver your professional greetings in the requested format with the bigger and better sound quality.

Voice Recording Studio provides voice over and dubbing artists for dubbing an audio production into various regional and international languages.

We also provide voice overs for E-Learning projects in various Indian and Foreign Languages. Our professional voice production team is here to assist you with any type voice over and have the experience to get it done right.

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