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French Voice Over Service, French Dubbing Studio

French voice over service: French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did languages such as Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Catalan and others. French has evolved from Gallo-Romance, the spoken Latin in Gaul, and more specifically in Northern Gaul. Its closest relatives are the other language oïl—languages historically spoken in northern France and in southern Belgium, which French (Francien) has largely supplanted. French was also influenced by native Celtic languages of Northern Roman Gaul like Gallia Belgica and by the (Germanic) Frankish language of the post-RomanFrankish invaders. Today, owing to France’s past overseas expansion, there are numerous French-based creole languages, most notablyHaitian Creole. A French-speaking person or nation may be referred to as “Francophone” in both English and French.

French is an official language in 29 countries, most of which are members of la francophonie, the community of French-speaking countries. It is spoken as a first language in France, southern Belgium, western Switzerland, Monaco, certain parts of Canada and the United States, and by various communities elsewhere. As of 2015, 40% of the francophone population (including L2 and partial speakers) is in Europe, 35% in sub-Saharan Africa, 15% in North Africa and the Middle East, 8% in the Americas, and 1% in Asia and Oceania.


French Voice Over Tips:

Just like with any language, when you are working with French Voice Over, you need to consider a lot of things very carefully. What is your goal by translating to or from this language? Who is your specific audience within the group of people who speak this language? Do you know how to adapt your script to speak to this group?

VoiceMonk Studio is a full service audio production facility, and that’s not restricted to English. If you are looking for French Voice Over Studio, we are here to help you with services ranging from initial Translation and Adaptation to Casting Talent and Language Monitors to help lay down those final Recording Sessions.

We offer a wide array of quality approved Native French Voice Over Talents. These talents are highly professional and ready to deliver high quality Voice Over Services for your project. All our French Voice Over Talents are Native Artists. Our vast pool of Professional Voice Over Artists can meet your Voice Over requirements for any combination of the linguistic and vocal parameters: language, dialect, gender, accent, pitch and emotion.

If you need French Voice Over Service for Translation, Dubbing, Adaptation, Recording for Cartoons, Commercials, Video Games, E-learning Videos or Audiobooks, call VoiceMonk Studio (+91 9899 169 001).

Our French Voice Over Service include:

French Voice Over Service

French Voice Over recording

Voice Over Production in French

French Voice Over Artist

French Voice Artist

French Voice Acting Voice Over

French Video Game Voice Over

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French Translation and Audio Localization Voice Over

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French Radio Jingle Recording

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French Podcasting Voice Over

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French Narration

French Child Voice

Hindi to French Dubbing

English to French Dubbing

Any Language to French Dubbing

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French Heavy Voice

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French VO Artist Female 2
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French Voice Over Artist Male 7
French Voice Over Artist Male 8
French Voice Over Artist Male 9
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